Our machines adapt to all cheese shapes and sizes,
from 25 g to 30 kg.

Adaptable machines

These machines are designed to receive a variety of equipment for processing different cheese formats on one single machine. The machines can process mature cheeses placed on wood, plastic or stainless steel racks.

They can also incorporate a peristaltic dosing pump and a CIP. All elements in contact with the cheese are easily removable without requiring any Tools.

Machines for all types of cheese

Our machines can be used to brush Goat’s cheese, Reblochon, Abundance, Saint-Nectaire, Saint-Paulin, Munster, Livarot, Vacherin, Raclette, Morbier, Gouda, Brucciu, Chevrotin, Ossau-Iraty, Bethmale, Langres, Pont l’Evêque, Tête de Moine, Mimolette, Mutschli, Tilsiter, Tilsit and a whole variety of specialties.

Examples of installations with cheese brushing machines:

Brushing machine on a mechanised line

Special machine for square and rectangular cheeses

Peristaltic dosing pump

Stand-alone brushing machine

Semi-automatic brushing machines

Videos of brushing machines in operation:

FROMLAV Cheese brushing of Pianfetti Constructeur
FROMLAV Cheese brushing of Pianfetti Constructeur
  • Suitable for all kinds of cheese and rinds of varying diameters and thicknesses.

  • Suitable for all types of production solutions such as brine, beta-carotene or red smear…

  • Adaptable to your manufacturing process, its rates and specificities.

  • May be used during the cheese brushing, washing, ripening and maturation processes.

  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation.

  • Compliance with EC standards.

  • User friendly.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Performance.



Thanks to the special design of our machines, there are two sanitation option: full immersion or spraying

Assets of our machines


With our spraying machines, cheese can mature individually or on racks

Assets of our machines

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